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Live පන්ති හා සම්බන්ධ වන්න.
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More about our academy

We are proud to present your door to becoming a first-time qualified higher education student in Nugegoda. "Sailing Pen Academy of Higher Education" is a luxury, high-tech and modern technology auditorium for prospective children.

The Higher Education Academy features indoor and outdoor air-conditioned auditoriums, sophisticated speakers, lecture facilities such as widescreen features and clean, comfortable seating arrangements and a cafeteria with a pleasing surrounding.

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We will make your educational dream come true

Online Classes

Our Best


student learning opportunities
Students can improve their knowledge by using our book center. Anyone can use the library at any time after registering to the library.
Electronic card system
We are using an electronic card for each student instead of using monthly attendance cardboard card.
Luxury classrooms
All classrooms are equipped with projectors, large whiteboards, speakers and AC.

Studying at Sailing Pen

The Pen is used to symbolize the value of education, knowledge and intelligence. Sailing means sailing boat or crossing. "Sailing Pen" is the name of the little ship we were trying to cross the ocean and the sky in search of knowledge and intelligence.

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Get Many More Features With Sailing Pen

We provide an online learning system for all our students to continue your education without any interruption with your teacher.

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