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Students can learn very freely in the Sailing Pen Education Center.

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All our classrooms are equipped with AC.

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We are dedicated to serving our students' needs at any time.

We always try to give the best service to our students with our teachers.

We are proud to present your door to becoming a first-time qualified higher education student in Nugegoda. "Sailing Pen Academy of Higher Education" is a luxury, high-tech and modern technology auditorium for prospective children.

The Higher Education Academy features indoor and outdoor air-conditioned auditoriums, sophisticated speakers, lecture facilities such as wide screen features and clean, comfortable seating arrangements and a cafeteria with a pleasing surrounding.

Within a short period, we have become the leading institute because of the qualified lecturers and impressive staff. We continuously maintain the first rank position from the results obtained by our students since its beginning. Come and join us to see success and achieve your dreams.


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We provide an online learning system for all our students to continue your education without any interruption with your teacher.

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